About Us

It All Started With the Tin Head Antique Doll Found In The Attic

It All Started when my spouse, Bill brought home a Tin Head Antique Doll found In The Attic of a house he was demolishing in Northern Nevada.
As we had a brick and mortar Antique store in the 1970s we decided to try our luck selling on line. The search for which venue to list our Antiques was on. Etsy appeared to be friendly and combined hand made and Vintage, so we opened up a store on Etsy in the fall of 2010. Cynthia’s Attic was born.
We unboxed our treasures from the brick and mortar Antique store and began to scour the local estate sales in search of hard to find antiques. Living in Las Vegas gave us a unique opportunity to find treasures from all over the world.
Cynthia is the photographer, and Bill is the researcher. Together we make a great team.