Indian Hindu Lota Vase

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Indian Hindu Lota,

Brass Vase (Water Vessel)

Brass Vase Intricately Hand Decorated

The Beautiful Brass Vase Has 4 Circular Engravings With Panels to Tell The Stories.

The Top Ring of Engravings has Nine Panels,  9 Pictographs

The Second Ring of Panels Has Twelve Panels, 12 Pictographs.
The Third Ring has Nine Panels, 9 Pictographs
The Fourth Ring has Three Panels That Runs Around The Base of The Vase, 3 Pictographs.

This Vase Measures 6 1/4 Inches Tall, 7 1/4 Inches in Diameter.

The Decorative Lota Kalash is Intricately Engraved and has (2) Signed Signatures on The Inside Lip of The Vessel.

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Weight 3.25 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in





"6 1/4 inches Height x 7 1/4 inches Diameter"


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